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Swagelok South Carolina

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The Benefits of Custom Solutions

Swagelok South Carolina Custom Solutions

Fabrication & Assembly Services Value Checklist

Collaborating with Swagelok South Carolina provides a cost-effective way to enhance production capabilities and streamline business processes. We help move your team from point A to point B.

You have the knowledge and ability to take care of your fabrication and assembly needs. But does it make sense for you to take on specific projects by yourself? Working smarter, faster, and more efficiently has many intangible effects on your organization.

At Swagelok South Carolina, your vision is our mission! We want to help you work smarter and when you choose Swagelok Custom Solutions, the possibilities are endless. Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive when working with us:

                 REDUCE TIME INVESTMENT 
Product selection, CAD work, design changes, cutting multiple POs, receiving, stocking, testing, and installation all take time. We do the heavy lifting - you focus on growing your business. What is your time worth?
Your people are your most valuable asset. Leveraging our skilled labor force helps to manage the up ticks and down swings of demand. Let your team focus on core duties - we'll handle the rest! 
Your custom fabricated assembly comes to you tested, certified, and ready to drop into your system. Connect the inlet and outlet and you're ready to go. No headache. No delays.
   Maximize Performance Pic        MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE & OUTPUT
Leverage our production capacity, application support, certified technicians, and state-of-the-art machinery to tackle highly complex projects and secure even the most competitive jobs. 
All of our work meets the guidelines of Swagelok’s own ISO based quality system. Pressure testing, helium leak checking, and hydrostatic testing are standard practice for Swagelok. Does your project have any special cleaning or testing requirements? What about special certifications or reports? We’ve got you covered. And with the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty you can rest assured that when we build an assembly, we stand behind it just like we do all of our components.
When you're in the field and under the pressure, mistakes happen. Costly waste and rework keep you on the job and eat into your profits. Leakage puts your name and project at risk. When you work with Swagelok South Carolina - we do all the rework, and handle all leak testing. You reap the benefits. Not to mention, your assembly is backed by the Swagelok Limited Life Time Warranty. 
  Increase Profitability Pic        INCREASE PROFITABILITY
When you combine all of these things together, it translates to a positive impact on your bottom line and a more profitable business partnership. Time, people, and processes are all resources. How, when, and why you utilize them are the difference between a good business model, and a great business model. 

Download the Values for Custom Solutions