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Small Bore Tubing

Swagelok South Carolina Small Bore
A simpler, safer, and faster alternative to process piping

How can a Swagelok small bore tubing solution offer performance benefits along with a lower total installed cost? Swagelok South Carolina has the answer—including the training, tools, and support needed to make your next small-bore tubing project simpler, safer, faster—and more reliable—than any you have completed before.

Some might even ask - "What is small bore tubing?" Small bore tubing is the big brother to our standard instrumentation tubing and fittings. Most people know Swagelok for 1/4", 3/8". and 1/2" sizes. Small Bore begins at 3/4" and goes up to 2" in size. It is a cost effective and easy to install alternative to typical process piping options used in applications larger than 1/2". DOWNLOAD OUR CATALOG

Fall is here and so is plant maintenance season. Learn how Small Bore can make your shutdown more profitable.


What is the Advantage of Using Tube Instead of Pipe?

Consider the requirements for a typical piping project: If it is threaded pipe, there are the pipe stands, dies, cutting oils, sealants, and tapes. Then there is assembly, testing, disassembly, rework, and reassembly. Not to mention purging the system.

For a welding job, there is the need to obtain a qualified welder, welding equipment, and consumables. Then depending on the job, there can be the need for weld permits, air tests, firebox, tacking, weld quenching, finish welding, purging, passivation, and inspections.

Either way, planning and managing a fluid system project to be on time and on budget is complicated and time consuming. If you are an engineer, manager, pipe fitter, or contractor who is feeling the squeeze of tight budgets, short staff and increasing workloads. Swagelok has three words for you - Small Bore Tubing. We offer:

● Ease of Installation: Only simple tools are needed to install Swagelok tube fittings. No threading, flaring, soldering, or welding is required.
● Lower Pressure Drop: Sharp bends and transitions of piping systems are not present in the gradual bends and smooth ID of a tubed system.
● Fewer Connections Needed: Bending reduces the number of necessary connections and potential leak points. Tubing is adaptable and can easily be bent around obstructions.
● Better Strength to Weight Ratio: The full wall thickness of tubing is pressure containing, whereas the wall of pipe is used for threading. The lighter weight of the tubing provides many benefits in that is costs less to transport, is easier to assemble, requires fewer supports when hanging, and physically occupies less space.
● Leak Tight Seal: At high pressures or temperatures, pipe connections often leak! Tubing systems connected with Swagelok tube fittings are leak tight without using additional sealing compounds. Compressed air, steam, hydrogen, helium, and hydraulic oil all add to the operating cost of a plant. An inadequate connection that leaks can far exceed the cost of a more expensive Swagelok tube fitting that provides positive performance.
● Easy Maintenance: Every Swagelok tube fitting acts as a union. When disassembly is needed, it is a simple and safe process. This, coupled with a leak tight seal, translates to easy maintenance. There is no need to disconnect a series of pipe lengths and fittings to remove an individual component from the system.

HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT SMALL BORE? Contact our Custom Solutions Sales Engineers to determine if Swagelok Small Bore Tubing Solutions is right for your application.