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Swagelok South Carolina

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Monthly Focus

Training and Education & Evaluation and Advisory Services 

Swagelok’s hands-on training helps you design effective sampling systems, and diagnose and eliminate existing issues so you can increase efficiency and save money. With our Evaluation and Advisory Services, our experienced experts will visit your facility and evaluate your systems and advise on enhancements that will improve your operations.

Download our October 2017 Orbital Welding Training Course Brochure: ASME IX Certification Included

Measuring Devices

Swagelok offers easy-to-operate and easy-to-read gauges, transduces, sensors, and flowmeters that provide accurate readings on demand. To learn more details about our products.

Custom Solutions

There are a lot of possible solutions, so how do you know which is the best fit? Swagelok South Carolina is a total solutions provider with the tools, talent, and technical knowledge to tailor a fluid system to fit your exact application needs. We'll help you build a more efficient and productive operation that drives added profits. 


    Hose and Flexible Tubing


Hose Advisory Service (HAS)

Our Hose Advisory Services team partners with you to focus on preventative maintenance and system optimization with our on-site survey process at your facilities, providing:

• A thorough discussion of your facility’s goals
• An on-site visual analysis of all hose systems at your facilities
• A Swagelok-reviewed and approved report that details:
    - Overall findings
    - Prioritized improvement recommendations and suggestions with replacement options
    - Preventative maintenance schedules and hose inspection recommendations for your  
      specific facility
• A hose register update with our survey findings or creation of a new database, depending
  on your facility’s needs.

Contact our expert Hose Advisors

            Christy Elwell                Alex Hinz